Meet Leya Moonga

Leya Moonga is a well composed young lady with an infectious smile that you can’t help but return. She is in her 12th and final grade at Dambwa Secondary School and is looking forward to the next step in her journey.

Leya lives with her aunt and uncle who are her primary caregivers. Her uncle runs a kiosk that helps keep the family afloat. When asked what her favorite subject in school is, Leya beams as she shares Biology is her absolute favorite. This tallies with her dream of wanting to be Doctor. She loves to study and play music in her free time. This rare hobby will surely help her in her pursuit to become a Doctor as the field is notoriously demanding. “I’ve always wanted to help people in general and what better way is there than to help them feel better and become healthy,” she said.

We wish Leya the very best as she navigates her final year of Secondary School and look forward to cheering her on in her Medical school journey.

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