The sponsorship program draws girls from different backgrounds and places across Livingstone. The obvious scenario of girls under the sponsorship program getting along or becoming friends is that they are coming from the same school, same locality or same church. But for Hope and Lindiwe, the story goes beyond them just being friends. Hope and Langiwe were at different schools in high school and meet at a skills training Centre as they both were enrolled for Power Electrical under the Sponsorship program, Hope was staying in the western part of Livingstone while Langiwe was coming from the eastern part but they slowly developed a friendship that went beyond their studies.

Not only did they study together, the two lades started sharing business ideas and how they can not only depend on their skills to better their lives but to make use of the entrepreneurship knowledge they were getting from school. After completing their training, they teamed up and started selling second hand clothes in town. Even though Langiwe got a job at an insurance company, the two always meet in the morning to display their items and Hope will remain at the Stand while Langiwe goes for work. But Just after knocking off Langiwe goes back to the stand and they pack their items together. Talk about weekends, the two wake up very early and go to suburbs in Livingstone and do their business, while their peers would think selling second hand clothes is a trade for elderly women, the two have taken advantage of their energies and have ventured into this business that is currently giving them a good income.

This is one good outcome of the sponsorship program among girls that are determined and focused on being self reliant.

The two have become a household name among the kubala girls for the type of friendship that has made them idependent and able to earn an income.

The two have not abandoned their social life. When time allows they go out and have fun together. At Response Network they are called the frontliners for their splendid paddling during regatta competition. Among their peers they are called “hustlers” a name that defines a go-getter.

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