Prejoice Sikayuni

My name is Prejoice sikayuni and I am 28 years old. I come from a family of 5 me being the 2nd born. I live in a small village called Siboli, located about 70 kilometers east of Kalomo under Simwatachela Chiefdom.

Am a beneficiary of the Ready to Earn program. Under this programme, I was sponsored to study agriculture at twin fountain and after 1 year I graduated. Having graduated in Agriculture i started a garden in my home village Siboli. During my term 1 at the institute, i was one of the lazy students who could pay my friends to work in my garden, since our studies included both theory and practical. However, after term one I started being serious because I could see that my friends were saving money from their produce. At the end of the course, I had gotten more knowledge about crop calendar and I had saved K750 from the few crops I had planted, that gave me a motivation to continue because I could now have my own money.

When I went home, I started my gardening journey by first planting 500 heads of cabbage. I later planted another set of 600 heads of cabbage in the garden. Giving a space of 2 months between the two sets of the plants.

Other than the cabbage, i diversified from planting on type of crop and added tomato, Egg plants and Rape. The garden has helped me improve my livelihood and family, as our financial gains are no longer the same as they used to be in the past before I acquired this training.

I am motivated and enthusiastic, to see myself grow into a commercial farmer in the near future. The training I got from Twin Fountain and the Economic Empowerment training I went through by Response Network, has enabled me to explore my talent. I am now able to navigate through the market and also make my own decisions.

 I can never thank Response Network enough for having awarded me the opportunity to go and study and also have my own finances from the gardening am doing.

The  End

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