Rural sports for all

Sport bridges the gap between the young and the old as members of the community gather to watch, cheer and celebrate their heroes. Our Sports Program dubbed the “Rural Sports for All”

Will be implemented in two Chiefdoms (Chikanta and Siachitema Chiefdom) in Kalomo West.

The program is funded by the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sport (NIF).

For the next two weeks, our Sports Facilitators accompanied by Community Education Project Officers, are conducting the Community Sensitization Meetings in the 10 Centre’s where the program will be setting base for its trainings.

These Community Sensitization Meetings play a vital role in our programming as they help us to introduce ourselves, our partners, our programs and the specific program interventions that will be implemented in the community.

We also get to discuss various issues that include among others

A) How we use sport as a tool for development.

B) The Response Network Self-help philosophy.

C) Program objectives and expectations.

As members of the community from all walks of life get to engage in this conversation, it also helps to ensure that the correct information is carried by the community members which in turn helps to ensure program success.

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