Limpo Siloiso is a bubbly, outgoing and personable young lady who is always willing to help with a friendly smile on her face. Limpo is being supported by one our generous partners, Delta Kappa Gamma in Norway. The society has a history steeped in women empowerment and through their support of girls through school via Response Network, their amazing tradition continues.

Limpo is the sixth born, out of seven and sadly lost both her parents when she was young. She was subsequently raised by her aunt whom she is still living with. Limpo was a Kubala Girl under the sponsorship program from the fifth grade until she completed the 12th grade in 2017.

After completing Secondary School, she engaged in voluntary work which led her to the amazing opportunity of being a volunteer under RN’s Youth Sport Exchange Program (YSEP). Through this opportunity, she was able to travel to Norway, where she was stationed for 10 months. Thanks to her diligent and outgoing nature, Limpo was once again engaged by RN to be a community facilitator under the Sports for Development program. However, Limpo’s passion for helping others spurred her to apply to study Public Health Nursing. This inspiring young lady is currently in her Second Year and is hurtling towards Third Year.

“In 2022, we had rotation of activities that were done at school throughout the year. There was a period when we had regular classes and after some time, we were sent to clinics to gain more practical knowledge on how to work and manage clinical work. Later, we were sent into hospital wards so that we could become acclimated to the more intricate inner workings of hospital work, gain more knowledge on different conditions, and overall see in practice what we hear about during our classes. All in all, it was really such an amazing year. I will be writing my end of second year exams this year in May/June and strive to make it into my Third Year.”

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